The idea was to make the smoothest rum possible.

The idea was to make the smoothest rum possible.
I approached the top distillery in the Caribbean and told them
I was trying to make the smoothest, best-tasting rum on the market.
I wanted something so clean that women would drink it straight.
They thought it was possible. But it took time. Over a year of sampling.
But I knew if I could capture the female market, which inheritently
did not drink rum, and could convert these vodka drinkers into rum lovers,
the men who religiously drank rum would drink it like water.

And that’s exactly what happened.

It’s gluten-free, has no carbs and zero sugar with virtually no burn.
With only 60 calories and 5x distilled, it quite literally is Simply The Smoothest™.
It has won every award we entered around the world.
So we just stopped entering them.

It’s a different genre of rum. It’s the first ‘Luxury Rum’.
Designed for a 5-star destination, taste and mindset.

Nothing new has happened to rum in quite a while. Until now.

Spencer Antle, Founder